AI Powered Knowledge-base for Businesses

In the coming weeks we are launching an AI powered knowledge-base app for business teams

Get early access to this app by registering your interest and you’ll be part of our inner circle community who gets priority access and progress updates.

Transform boring business documents into a conversational tool that boosts your team's productivity

Why sift through dense documents when you can engage in insightful conversations with them? Breef Docs streamlines your workflow by enabling natural dialogues with your company-specific documents. Harness Breed Docs to organise policies, employee handbooks, research papers, and more, allowing seamless question-and-answer interactions. It’s like chatting with a knowledgeable colleague – saving you time and boosting productivity.

Decide what goes into your knowledge-base and who gets access

Organise your knowledge-base along your company structure and give team members access to what they need in a secure manner.

Experience Secure End-To-End Communication

All communication is carried out via secure channels. Role-based permissions provide an additional layer of security.

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AI Powered Knowledge-base for Businesses

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About Us

We are team of tech people that strongly feel that tech should be used to make things easier, not complicated.

We have built several apps and software for numerous businesses over the years. We believe in building simple and easy to use software systems. 

Join us on this journey as we innovate and transform the way you interact with your documents.