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App Development .

Need To Build An App?

Mobile App Design & Development

We work with you to Imagine, Engineer, and Create a quality app that unlocks new markets, enhances customer engagement, and boosts brand loyalty. Plus much more. 

Services We Offer To Get Your App Built .

App Prototyping .

With app prototyping, we help you to really understand your idea. You get to experience the look and feel of your app before committing to building it fully.

App Development .

We build apps that do what they are meant to do. This could be building apps based on prototypes or enhancing an existing app. In any case, we bring ideas to life.

App Support .

Once an app is built, it needs support. We support apps throughout their lifetime making sure they operate at their best so you won’t have to worry about it.

Let's Build You An App That Does The Following .

Unlock New Markets

People use their phones for a lot of things these days. We can help you develop a custom app to reach untapped audiences and potential customers who prefer mobile interactions.

Enhance Customer Retention

Design loyalty programs and exclusive offers within the app to encourage repeat business. Utilise push notifications to remind customers of upcoming promotions or events, strengthening brand loyalty.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Craft interactive & personalised app experiences to enhance customer engagement. Leverage push notifications and in-app messaging to keep users engaged, fostering brand loyalty.

Optimise Internal Operations

Develop an app with features that streamline internal processes, reducing operational costs & improving overall efficiency. Implement automation, such as appointment scheduling or order tracking, to enhance the customer experience.

Frictionless Payments

Implement in-app purchasing capabilities to streamline the sales process, making it easy for customers to buy directly through the app. Integrate features like one-click ordering to optimise conversion rates and drive sales.

Leverage Data Insights

Create an app that generates valuable data on user behaviour and preferences. While leveraging analytics tools to help make data-driven decisions, refine marketing strategies, and tailor offerings to customer needs.

Our Imagine. Engineer. Create. Approach To Building Apps .

1. Imagine.

  • Define: We work with you to capture your thoughts and ideas. Through a series of workshops and meetings we help  define your idea at a high-level while documenting every single low-level detail.


  • Prototype: Once we have the details sorted, we build you a prototype so you can experience the look and feel of your app before you commit to building it. We also clearly define the supporting services needed by the app.

2. Engineer.

  • Software Architecture: An app is software after all and we take software engineering seriously. We design and engineer every single software thing that runs behind your app. Careful consideration is given to the type of third-party systems the app connects to. The goal here is to do things right so your app may perform at its best and live long.

3. Create.

  • Build the app: With the app prototype clearly defined and designed, we begin building the app to specification. We take everything that needs to be built and place it in an app-feature backlog. We select the most important features and work on them in 2-week cycles. At the end of each 2-week cycle you get to try the app. This process is repeated until everything in the app-feature backlog is built.

4. Support.

Maintain: Believe it or not, only 10% of the lifetime of an app is spent creating it. That means that 90% of the lifetime of any app is spent “out there”. So once your app is created we stay with you to keep it running in optimal shape. We handle any issues with the various app stores and also keep an eye on your app’s supporting services.

Apps We've Built .

App Development For TB STARR


A mobile app for Tuberculosis Screening and Tracking for Accelerated Referral and Reporting in Nigeria.

App Development For Zakatify

Zakatify .

An innovative charitable-donations app which integrates PayPal’s Giving Fund accredited charities.

App Development For Petmi

Petmi .

An app for passionate pet owners to connect in a community, share information, and sell pet related items.

What Clients Say .

  • Shahed Amanullah
    Founder, Zakatify LLC.

    “ Intellectual Apps has come in and have helped us do some amazing stuff, really quickly, really professionally, and they understand what we are trying to do. “

  • Emily Mangone
    Senior Digital Health Advisor

    ” I have been truly impressed with Intellectual Apps because of their partnership, clarity of communication, deep technical knowledge & creativity, timeliness, and quality of work. “

Clients That've Trusted Us .

What You Get Choosing From Us As Partners .

  • Limitless prototyping
  • Frequent demos
  • Always in the know
  • Skilled experts
  • Advice on best practices
  • Data security
  • Strict adherence to data privacy
  • Ownership of all third-party accounts
  • UK presence

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