Retiree Enrolment Application

A nationwide biometric data collection platform for enrolling retirees.
ClientNational Pension Commission
ProjectNational Retiree Data Management
DurationJul. 2017 - Jan. 2021

Services we offered

Project management, UI/UX design, enterprise API development, web data portal development, fingerprint capture integration, document scanning and management, testing, deployment, Oracle database management, and configuration.

The Problem

The aging desktop software couldn’t keep up with the growing number of annual retiree records. In addition to this, managing data capture exercises across the country was becoming complicated. The National Pension Commission needed to improve its operations and that was when the visionary leadership of the commission got us involved.

The Solution

To gain clarity, key individuals were interviewed. A web-based application was developed from the ground up. Ten-print finger capture devices were used instead of single-finger versions and this improved verification capabilities.

Data silos were merged into a single Oracle database and to improve security, authorization was enforced across all user types.

Senior management was given direct access to dynamically generated reports.